Module: Warning

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Defined in: error.c


The Warning module contains a single method named #warn, and the module extends itself, making #warn available. #warn is called for all warnings issued by Ruby. By default, warnings are printed to $stderr.

By overriding #warn, you can change how warnings are handled by Ruby, either filtering some warnings, and/or outputting warnings somewhere other than $stderr. When #warn is overridden, super can be called to get the default behavior of printing the warning to $stderr.

Instance Method Summary

Instance Method Details

#warn(msg) ⇒ nil

Writes warning message msg to $stderr. This method is called by Ruby for all emitted warnings.

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# File 'error.c', line 145

static VALUE
rb_warning_s_warn(VALUE mod, VALUE str)
    Check_Type(str, T_STRING);
    return Qnil;