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Libraries below are created from the main branches

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Browser Choice

As of Apr-2019, the Rails master method list contains approximately 12,800 items, and the AWS method lists have over 59,000 items. Having spent time trying to optimize the javascript for (large) list loading and searching, I'm familiar with the performance issues. The method list has a lot of UI functionality that one may find beneficial. I have found that Firefox does the best job of handling large lists.

What does '* for contributors' mean?

Developers / contributors often remove objects from documentation which are not considered part of the public API.

Libraries listed as '* for contributors' show all objects, and are meant for contributors to the repository.

Hence, if you are using the API, you should not use any classes, modules, methods, or constants that are notated as 'for internal use only'. All of these items will have a red vertical bar (or border) distinguishing them from other objects. Please use the other library versions for API reference.

When you have a minute - UI Guide

YardT2 has quite a few features that are not based on RDoc or YARD. Please read the YardT2 UI Guide, in particular, the 'Search' information, as searching the 'Methods' list works for both name and namespace. 'Start of name' and 'anywhere in name' searches are supported.

Library Notes

All libraries are pulled from their respective GitHub repos. The branch / tag criteria is shown below. The last commit information and date (GMT) are retrieved via the GitHub API.


These libraries should correspond to the most recent ruby-lang.org packages. Only 'Ruby trunk' includes c source code.

Version and date info is retrieved from version.h


Version info is retrieved from version.rb.

AWS SDK for Ruby

Version info is retrieved from VERSION file. At present, the gem is generated frequently, so the branch is rarely more than a few commits past the most recent gem.

As of April 2019, the AWS SDK for Ruby has almost 17,000 classes and modules, and 59,000 methods.

Loading the Methods list takes a long time, and is not a good idea on tablets. Once loaded, it searches well and is cached, unlike other implementations. Resizing the LIST pane when the Method list is visible is not recommended.

Simply put, loading 59k items into any DOM element is well outside of standard use.

Comments, Bugs, etc

For missing or incorrect documentation, please post an issue on GitHub. If you like the docs, feel free to star the GitHub repo.

For UI suggestions and other questions / comments...

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A very special thank you to Loren Segal for his work in creating and maintaining YARD.

Also, thank you to all the contributors that have taken the time to comment / document these libraries.


All documented software libraries are copyright their respective owners. See their GitHub repos (AWS SDK for Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Ruby) for copyright and license information.