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New I/O for Ruby (nio4r): cross-platform asynchronous I/O primitives for scalable network clients and servers. Modeled after the Java NIO API, but simplified for ease-of-use.

nio4r provides an abstract, cross-platform stateful I/O selector API for Ruby. I/O selectors are the heart of "reactor"-based event loops, and monitor multiple I/O objects for various types of readiness, e.g. ready for reading or writing.

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Please see the nio4r wiki for more detailed documentation and usage notes:

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nio4r is not a full-featured event framework like EventMachine or Cool.io. Instead, nio4r is the sort of thing you might write a library like that on top of. nio4r provides a minimal API such that individual Ruby implementers may choose to produce optimized versions for their platform, without having to maintain a large codebase.


Bump the version first:

bundle exec bake gem:release:version:patch


rake clean
rake release


You might need to delete Gemfile.lock before trying to bundle install.

# Ensure you have the correct JDK:
pacman -Syu jdk-openjdk
archlinux-java set java-19-openjdk

# Ensure you are using jruby:
chruby jruby
bundle update

# Build the package:
rake clean
rake compile
rake release