Exception: Mongoid::Errors::ImmutableAttribute

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Class Chain:
self, MongoidError, StandardError
Instance Chain:
self, MongoidError, StandardError
Inherits: Mongoid::Errors::MongoidError
Defined in: lib/mongoid/errors/immutable_attribute.rb


This error is raised when attempting the change the value of an immutable attribute. For example, the _id attribute is immutable, and attempting to change it on a document that has already been persisted will result in this error.

Constant Summary

MongoidError - Inherited


Class Method Summary

Instance Attribute Summary

Instance Method Summary

MongoidError - Inherited


Compose the message.


Given the key of the specific error and the options hash, translate the message.


Create the problem.


Create the resolution.


Create the summary.

Constructor Details

.new(name, value) ⇒ ImmutableAttribute

Create the new error.


Create the new error.

ImmutableAttribute.new(:_id, "1234")


  • name (Symbol | String)

    The name of the attribute.

  • value (Object)

    The attempted set value.

[ GitHub ]

# File 'lib/mongoid/errors/immutable_attribute.rb', line 20

def initialize(name, value)
    compose_message("immutable_attribute", { name: name, value: value })