Module: RuboCop::OptionsHelp Private

Do not use. This module is for internal use only.
Relationships & Source Files
Defined in: lib/rubocop/options.rb


This module contains help texts for command line options.

Constant Summary

    # File 'lib/rubocop/options.rb', line 500
  • MAX_EXCL =
    # File 'lib/rubocop/options.rb', line 499
  • TEXT =
    # File 'lib/rubocop/options.rb', line 502
      only:                             'Run only the given cop(s).',
      only_guide_cops:                  ['Run only cops for rules that link to a',
                                         'style guide.'],
      except:                           'Exclude the given cop(s).',
      require:                          'Require Ruby file.',
      config:                           'Specify configuration file.',
      auto_gen_config:                  ['Generate a configuration file acting as a',
                                         'TODO list.'],
      regenerate_todo:                  ['Regenerate the TODO configuration file using',
                                         'the last configuration. If there is no existing',
                                         'TODO file, acts like --auto-gen-config.'],
      offense_counts:                   ['Include offense counts in configuration',
                                         'file generated by --auto-gen-config.',
                                         'Default is true.'],
                                        ['Include the date and time when the --auto-gen-config',
                                         'was run in the file it generates. Default is true.'],
                                        ['Add a setting to the TODO configuration file to enforce',
                                         'the style used, rather than a per-file exclusion',
                                         'if one style is used in all files for cop with',
                                         'EnforcedStyle as a configurable option',
                                         'when the --auto-gen-config was run',
                                         'in the file it generates. Default is true.'],
                                        ['Generate only Exclude parameters and not Max',
                                         'when running --auto-gen-config, except if the',
                                         'number of files with offenses is bigger than',
                                         'exclude-limit. Default is false.'],
      exclude_limit:                    ['Set the limit for how many files to explicitly exclude.',
                                         'If there are more files than the limit, the cop will',
                                         "be disabled instead. Default is #{MAX_EXCL}."],
      disable_uncorrectable:            ['Used with --autocorrect to annotate any',
                                         'offenses that do not support autocorrect',
                                         'with `rubocop:todo` comments.'],
      no_exclude_limit:                 ['Do not set the limit for how many files to exclude.'],
      force_exclusion:                  ['Any files excluded by `Exclude` in configuration',
                                         'files will be excluded, even if given explicitly',
                                         'as arguments.'],
      only_recognized_file_types:       ['Inspect files given on the command line only if',
                                         'they are listed in `AllCops/Include` parameters',
                                         'of user configuration or default configuration.'],
      ignore_disable_comments:          ['Run cops even when they are disabled locally',
                                         'by a `rubocop:disable` directive.'],
      ignore_parent_exclusion:          ['Prevent from inheriting `AllCops/Exclude` from',
                                         'parent folders.'],
      ignore_unrecognized_cops:         ['Ignore unrecognized cops or departments in the config.'],
      force_default_config:             ['Use default configuration even if configuration',
                                         'files are present in the directory tree.'],
      format:                           ['Choose an output formatter. This option',
                                         'can be specified multiple times to enable',
                                         'multiple formatters at the same time.',
                                         *FORMATTER_OPTION_LIST.map do |item|
                                           "  #{item}#{' (default)' if item == '[p]rogress'}"
                                         '  custom formatter class name'],
      out:                              ['Write output to a file instead of STDOUT.',
                                         'This option applies to the previously',
                                         'specified --format, or the default format',
                                         'if no format is specified.'],
      fail_level:                       ['Minimum severity for exit with error code.',
                                         '  [A] autocorrect',
                                         '  [I] info',
                                         '  [R] refactor',
                                         '  [C] convention',
                                         '  [W] warning',
                                         '  [E] error',
                                         '  [F] fatal'],
      display_time:                     'Display elapsed time in seconds.',
      display_only_failed:              ['Only output offense messages. Omit passing',
                                         'cops. Only valid for --format junit.'],
                                        ['Only output offense messages at',
                                         'the specified --fail-level or above.'],
      display_only_correctable:         ['Only output correctable offense messages.'],
      display_only_safe_correctable:    ['Only output safe-correctable offense messages',
                                         'when combined with --display-only-correctable.'],
      show_cops:                        ['Shows the given cops, or all cops by',
                                         'default, and their configurations for the',
                                         'current directory.'],
      show_docs_url:                    ['Display url to documentation for the given',
                                         'cops, or base url by default.'],
      fail_fast:                        ['Inspect files in order of modification',
                                         'time and stop after the first file',
                                         'containing offenses.'],
      cache:                            ["Use result caching (FLAG=true) or don't",
                                         '(FLAG=false), default determined by',
                                         'configuration parameter AllCops: UseCache.'],
      cache_root:                       ['Set the cache root directory.',
                                         'Takes precedence over the configuration',
                                         'parameter AllCops: CacheRootDirectory and',
                                         'the $RUBOCOP_CACHE_ROOT environment variable.'],
      debug:                            'Display debug info.',
      display_cop_names:                ['Display cop names in offense messages.',
                                         'Default is true.'],
      disable_pending_cops:             'Run without pending cops.',
      display_style_guide:              'Display style guide URLs in offense messages.',
      enable_pending_cops:              'Run with pending cops.',
      extra_details:                    'Display extra details in offense messages.',
      lint:                             'Run only lint cops.',
      safe:                             'Run only safe cops.',
      stderr:                           ['Write all output to stderr except for the',
                                         'autocorrected source. This is especially useful',
                                         'when combined with --autocorrect and --stdin.'],
      list_target_files:                'List all files RuboCop will inspect.',
      autocorrect:                      'Autocorrect offenses (only when it\'s safe).',
      auto_correct:                     '(same, deprecated)',
      safe_auto_correct:                '(same, deprecated)',
      autocorrect_all:                  'Autocorrect offenses (safe and unsafe).',
      auto_correct_all:                 '(same, deprecated)',
      fix_layout:                       'Run only layout cops, with autocorrect on.',
      color:                            'Force color output on or off.',
      version:                          'Display version.',
      verbose_version:                  'Display verbose version.',
      parallel:                         ['Use available CPUs to execute inspection in',
                                         'parallel. Default is true.',
                                         'You can specify the number of parallel processes using',
                                         'the $PARALLEL_PROCESSOR_COUNT environment variable.'],
      stdin:                            ['Pipe source from STDIN, using FILE in offense',
                                         'reports. This is useful for editor integration.'],
      editor_mode:                      ['Optimize real-time feedback in editors,',
                                         'adjusting behaviors for editing experience.'],
      init:                             'Generate a .rubocop.yml file in the current directory.',
      server:                           ['If a server process has not been started yet, start',
                                         'the server process and execute inspection with server.',
                                         'Default is false.',
                                         'You can specify the server host and port with the',
                                         '$RUBOCOP_SERVER_HOST and the $RUBOCOP_SERVER_PORT',
                                         'environment variables.'],
      restart_server:                   'Restart server process.',
      start_server:                     'Start server process.',
      stop_server:                      'Stop server process.',
      server_status:                    'Show server status.',
      no_detach:                        'Run the server process in the foreground.',
      lsp:                              'Start a language server listening on STDIN.',
      raise_cop_error:                  ['Raise cop-related errors with cause and location.',
                                         'This is used to prevent cops from failing silently.',
                                         'Default is false.'],
      profile:                          'Profile rubocop.',
      memory:                           'Profile rubocop memory usage.'