Module: RuboCop::Cop::MatchRange

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self, RangeHelp
Defined in: lib/rubocop/cop/mixin/match_range.rb


Common functionality for obtaining source ranges from regexp matches

Constant Summary

RangeHelp - Included


Instance Method Summary

RangeHelp - Included

#add_range, #column_offset_between,

A range containing only the contents of a literal with delimiters (e.g.


Returns the column attribute of the range, except if the range is on the first line and there’s a byte order mark at the beginning of that line, in which case 1 is subtracted from the column value.

#final_pos, #move_pos, #move_pos_str, #range_between, #range_by_whole_lines, #range_with_comments, #range_with_comments_and_lines, #range_with_surrounding_comma, #range_with_surrounding_space, #source_range

Instance Method Details

#each_match_range(range, regex) (private)

Return a new Range covering the first matching group number for each match of regex inside range

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# File 'lib/rubocop/cop/mixin/match_range.rb', line 13

def each_match_range(range, regex)
  range.source.scan(regex) { yield match_range(range, Regexp.last_match) }

#match_range(range, match) (private)

For a match inside range, return a new Range covering the match

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# File 'lib/rubocop/cop/mixin/match_range.rb', line 18

def match_range(range, match)
  range_between(range.begin_pos + match.begin(1), range.begin_pos + match.end(1))