Class: RuboCop::Cop::Bundler::GemComment

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Class Chain:
self, ::RuboCop::Cop::Base, ::RuboCop::ExcludeLimit, NodePattern::Macros, RuboCop::AST::Sexp
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Inherits: RuboCop::Cop::Base
Defined in: lib/rubocop/cop/bundler/gem_comment.rb


Each gem in the Gemfile should have a comment explaining its purpose in the project, or the reason for its version or source.

The optional "OnlyFor" configuration array can be used to only register offenses when the gems use certain options or have version specifiers.

When "version_specifiers" is included, a comment will be enforced if the gem has any version specifier.

When "restrictive_version_specifiers" is included, a comment will be enforced if the gem has a version specifier that holds back the version of the gem.

For any other value in the array, a comment will be enforced for a gem if an option by the same name is present. A useful use case is to enforce a comment when using options that change the source of a gem:

  • bitbucket

  • gist

  • git

  • github

  • source

For a full list of options supported by bundler, see https://bundler.io/man/gemfile.5.html .


OnlyFor: [] (default)

# bad

gem 'foo'

# good

# Helpers for the foo things.
gem 'foo'

OnlyFor: ['version_specifiers']

# bad

gem 'foo', '< 2.1'

# good

# Version 2.1 introduces breaking change baz
gem 'foo', '< 2.1'

OnlyFor: ['restrictive_version_specifiers']

# bad

gem 'foo', '< 2.1'

# good

gem 'foo', '>= 1.0'

# Version 2.1 introduces breaking change baz
gem 'foo', '< 2.1'

OnlyFor: ['version_specifiers', 'github']

# bad

gem 'foo', github: 'some_account/some_fork_of_foo'

gem 'bar', '< 2.1'

# good

# Using this fork because baz
gem 'foo', github: 'some_account/some_fork_of_foo'

# Version 2.1 introduces breaking change baz
gem 'bar', '< 2.1'

Constant Summary

::RuboCop::Cop::Base - Inherited


::RuboCop::Cop::VisibilityHelp - Included


Class Attribute Summary

::RuboCop::Cop::Base - Inherited

.gem_requirements, .lint?,

Returns if class supports autocorrect.


Override if your cop should be called repeatedly for multiple investigations Between calls to on_new_investigation and on_investigation_end, the result of processed_source will remain constant.

Class Method Summary

::RuboCop::Cop::Base - Inherited


List of cops that should not try to autocorrect at the same time as this cop.



.callbacks_needed, .cop_name, .department,

Returns an url to view this cops documentation online.


Call for abstract Cop classes.


Override and return the Force class(es) you need to join.


Returns true if the cop name or the cop namespace matches any of the given names.


Register a version requirement for the given gem name.


::RuboCop::ExcludeLimit - Extended


Sets up a configuration option to have an exclude limit tracked.


Instance Attribute Summary

Instance Method Summary

::RuboCop::Cop::GemDeclaration - Included

::RuboCop::Cop::DefNode - Included

::RuboCop::Cop::VisibilityHelp - Included

::RuboCop::Cop::Base - Inherited


Adds an offense that has no particular location.


Adds an offense on the specified range (or node with an expression) Unless that offense is disabled for this range, a corrector will be yielded to provide the cop the opportunity to autocorrect the offense.


Called before any investigation.


Configuration Helpers.

#cop_name, #excluded_file?,

This method should be overridden when a cop’s behavior depends on state that lives outside of these locations:


Gets called if no message is specified when calling add_offense or add_global_offense Cops are discouraged to override this; instead pass your message directly.


Called after all on_…​


Called before all on_…​


Called instead of all on_…​


There should be very limited reasons for a Cop to do it’s own parsing.


Called between investigations.

#relevant_file?, #target_rails_version, #target_ruby_version, #annotate, #apply_correction, #attempt_correction,

Reserved for Cop::Cop.


Called to complete an investigation.

#correct, #current_corrector,

Reserved for Commissioner:

#current_offenses, #currently_disabled_lines, #custom_severity, #default_severity, #disable_uncorrectable, #enabled_line?, #file_name_matches_any?, #find_message, #find_severity, #range_for_original, #range_from_node_or_range,

Actually private methods.


::RuboCop::Cop::AutocorrectLogic - Included

::RuboCop::Cop::IgnoredNode - Included

Constructor Details

This class inherits a constructor from RuboCop::Cop::Base

Instance Method Details

#checked_options_present?(node) ⇒ Boolean (private)

[ GitHub ]

# File 'lib/rubocop/cop/bundler/gem_comment.rb', line 135

def checked_options_present?(node)
    version_specified_gem?(node)) ||
      restrictive_version_specified_gem?(node)) ||

#commented?(node) ⇒ Boolean (private)

[ GitHub ]

# File 'lib/rubocop/cop/bundler/gem_comment.rb', line 109

def commented?(node)
  preceding_lines = preceding_lines(node)
  preceding_comment?(node, preceding_lines.last)

#commented_any_descendant?(node) ⇒ Boolean (private)

[ GitHub ]

# File 'lib/rubocop/cop/bundler/gem_comment.rb', line 105

def commented_any_descendant?(node)
  commented?(node) || node.each_descendant.any? { |n| commented?(n) }

#contains_checked_options?(node) ⇒ Boolean (private)

[ GitHub ]

# File 'lib/rubocop/cop/bundler/gem_comment.rb', line 159

def contains_checked_options?(node)
  (Array(cop_config[CHECKED_OPTIONS_CONFIG]) & gem_options(node).map(&:to_s)).any?

#gem_options(node) (private)

[ GitHub ]

# File 'lib/rubocop/cop/bundler/gem_comment.rb', line 163

def gem_options(node)
  return [] unless node.last_argument&.type == :hash


#ignored_gem?(node) ⇒ Boolean (private)

[ GitHub ]

# File 'lib/rubocop/cop/bundler/gem_comment.rb', line 130

def ignored_gem?(node)
  ignored_gems = Array(cop_config['IgnoredGems'])


[ GitHub ]

# File 'lib/rubocop/cop/bundler/gem_comment.rb', line 94

def on_send(node)
  return unless gem_declaration?(node)
  return if ignored_gem?(node)
  return if commented_any_descendant?(node)
  return if cop_config[CHECKED_OPTIONS_CONFIG].any? && !checked_options_present?(node)


#precede?(node1, node2) ⇒ Boolean (private)

The args node1 & node2 may represent a RuboCop::AST::Node or a Parser::Source::Comment. Both respond to #loc.

[ GitHub ]

# File 'lib/rubocop/cop/bundler/gem_comment.rb', line 116

def precede?(node1, node2)
  node2.loc.line - node1.loc.line <= 1

#preceding_comment?(node1, node2) ⇒ Boolean (private)

[ GitHub ]

# File 'lib/rubocop/cop/bundler/gem_comment.rb', line 126

def preceding_comment?(node1, node2)
  node1 && node2 && precede?(node2, node1) && comment_line?(node2.source)

#preceding_lines(node) (private)

[ GitHub ]

# File 'lib/rubocop/cop/bundler/gem_comment.rb', line 120

def preceding_lines(node)
  processed_source.ast_with_comments[node].select do |line|
    line.loc.line <= node.loc.line

#restrictive_version_specified_gem?(node) ⇒ Boolean (private)

Version specifications that restrict all updates going forward. This excludes versions like ">= 1.0" or "!= 2.0.3".

[ GitHub ]

# File 'lib/rubocop/cop/bundler/gem_comment.rb', line 152

def restrictive_version_specified_gem?(node)
  return false unless version_specified_gem?(node)

      .any? { |arg| arg&.str_type? && RESTRICTIVE_VERSION_PATTERN.match?(arg.value) }

#version_specified_gem?(node) ⇒ Boolean (private)

Besides the gem name, all other positional arguments to gem are version specifiers, as long as it has one we know there’s at least one version specifier.

[ GitHub ]

# File 'lib/rubocop/cop/bundler/gem_comment.rb', line 145

def version_specified_gem?(node)
  # arguments[0] is the gem name