Class: RuboCop::CLI::Command::InitDotfile Private

Do not use. This class is for internal use only.
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Inherits: RuboCop::CLI::Command::Base
Defined in: lib/rubocop/cli/command/init_dotfile.rb


Generate a .rubocop.yml file in the current directory.

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# File 'lib/rubocop/cli/command/init_dotfile.rb', line 13

def run
  path = File.expand_path(DOTFILE)

  if File.exist?(DOTFILE)
    warn Rainbow("#{DOTFILE} already exists at #{path}").red

    description = <<~DESC
      # The behavior of RuboCop can be controlled via the .rubocop.yml
      # configuration file. It makes it possible to enable/disable
      # certain cops (checks) and to alter their behavior if they accept
      # any parameters. The file can be placed either in your home
      # directory or in some project directory.
      # RuboCop will start looking for the configuration file in the directory
      # where the inspected file is and continue its way up to the root directory.
      # See https://docs.rubocop.org/rubocop/configuration

    File.write(DOTFILE, description)

    puts "Writing new #{DOTFILE} to #{path}"