Testing - test/rackup/ci-*.ru files


Puma should efficiently handle a variety of response bodies, varying both by size and by the type of object used for the body.

Five rackup files are located in 'test/rackup' that can be used. All have their request body size (in kB) set via Body-Conf header or with ENV['CI_BODY_CONF']. Additionally, the ci_select.ru file can have it's body type set via a starting character.

All responses have 25 headers, total length approx 1kB. ci_array.ru and ci_chunked.ru contain 1kB items.

All can be delayed by a float value (seconds) specified by the Dly header

Note that rhe Body-Conf header takes precedence, and ENV['CI_BODY_CONF'] is only read on load.


The ci_select.ru file allows a starting character to specify the body type in the Body-Conf header or with ENV['CI_BODY_CONF'].

A value of a100 would return a body as an array of 100 1kB strings.