Exception: Mongoid::Errors::SessionsNotSupported

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Class Chain:
self, MongoidError, StandardError
Instance Chain:
self, MongoidError, StandardError
Inherits: Mongoid::Errors::MongoidError
Defined in: lib/mongoid/errors/sessions_not_supported.rb


This error is raised when a session is attempted to be used with a model whose client cannot use it since the mongodb deployment doesn’t support sessions.

Constant Summary

MongoidError - Inherited


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Instance Method Summary

MongoidError - Inherited


Compose the message.


Given the key of the specific error and the options hash, translate the message.


Create the problem.


Create the resolution.


Create the summary.

Constructor Details


Create the error.

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# File 'lib/mongoid/errors/sessions_not_supported.rb', line 12

def initialize