Exception: Mongoid::Errors::InvalidTime

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Class Chain:
self, MongoidError, StandardError
Instance Chain:
self, MongoidError, StandardError
Inherits: Mongoid::Errors::MongoidError
Defined in: lib/mongoid/errors/invalid_time.rb


This exception is raised when a bad value is attempted to be converted to a date or time.

Constant Summary

MongoidError - Inherited


Class Method Summary

Instance Attribute Summary

Instance Method Summary

MongoidError - Inherited


Compose the message.


Given the key of the specific error and the options hash, translate the message.


Create the problem.


Create the resolution.


Create the summary.

Constructor Details

.new(value) ⇒ InvalidTime

Create the new invalid date error.


Create the new invalid date error.

InvalidTime.new("this is not a time")


  • value (Object)

    The value that was attempted.

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# File 'lib/mongoid/errors/invalid_time.rb', line 17

def initialize(value)
  super(compose_message("invalid_time", { value: value }))