Class: Mongoid::Association::Embedded::Eager

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Inherits: Mongoid::Association::Eager
Defined in: lib/mongoid/association/embedded/eager.rb


Eager class for embedded associations (embedded_in, embeds_many, embeds_one).

Class Method Summary

::Mongoid::Association::Eager - Inherited


Instantiate the eager load class.

Instance Method Summary

::Mongoid::Association::Eager - Inherited


Run the preloader.


Retrieves the documents of the specified class, that have the foreign key included in the specified list of keys.


Shift the current association metadata.

Constructor Details

This class inherits a constructor from Mongoid::Association::Eager

Instance Method Details

#preload (private)

::Mongoid::Association::Embedded associations have no preload phase, since the embedded documents are loaded with the parent document. This method is implemented as a no-op to represent that.

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# File 'lib/mongoid/association/embedded/eager.rb', line 17

def preload