Class: GraphQL::Client::OperationDefinition

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self, Definition, Module
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self, Definition, Module
Inherits: GraphQL::Client::Definition
Defined in: lib/graphql/client/operation_definition.rb


Specific operation definition subtype for queries, mutations or subscriptions.

Constant Summary

Definition - Inherited


Class Method Summary

Definition - Inherited

Instance Attribute Summary

Definition - Inherited


Internal: Get associated owner ::GraphQL::Client instance.


Internal: Get underlying operation or fragment definition AST node for definition.


Public: Get document with only the definitions needed to perform this operation.


Internal root schema class for definition.


Internal: Get original document that created this definition, without any additional dependencies.


Public: Returns the Ruby source filename and line number containing this definition was not defined in Ruby.

Instance Method Summary

Definition - Inherited


Public: Global name of definition in client document.


Internal: Nodes AST indexes.

#new, #cast_object, #flatten_spreads, #index_node_definitions, #index_spreads

Constructor Details

This class inherits a constructor from GraphQL::Client::Definition

Instance Method Details


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# File 'lib/graphql/client/operation_definition.rb', line 11

alias operation_name definition_name